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Analytic hierarchy for human geography

Μulti-criteria analysis with analytic hierarchy for return eligibility to the Ileia prefecture Open(in greek).

Coastal vulnerability to erosion

Mapping the Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) for a coast of Greece in a poster template Open(in greek).

Geographic overlay and erosion

Μulti-criteria analysis for erosion occurring on the island of Gavdos using layer overlay Open(in greek).

Hydrological basins

Identification of hydrological basins for the region of Peloponnese using raster data Open(in greek).

Hydrological runoff modeling

Modeling the runoff of a watercourse at the north o Peloponnese for given precipitation Open(in greek).

Landslide susceptibility zonation

Landslide susceptibility zonation for the northern Peloponnese Open(in greek).

Least cost paths

Given accessible roads, trails and unaccessible areas, the model computes the least cost path between two points Open(in greek).

Linear regression and gis

Knowing the altitude, sun exposure, latitude and random sampling the thickness of snow is estimated and compared to the real values Open(in greek).

Locating fire towers

Finding the best positions for fire lookout towers with multi-criteria analysis Open(in greek).

Spatial logistic regression and gis

Using Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) for socio-economic and environmental factors upon child obesity Open(in greek).