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In this section I would like to introduce myself, however for those not satisfied, more detailed information can be found in my CV (in english).

My name is Alexandros Papadopoulos or Alexandre Papadopoulos, but for simplicity's sake just call me Alex for now. I'm 24 years old, living in Greece. I have a double nationality, Greek-French. Born and raised in Greece but been learning French from my relatives so I speak fluently both those languages.

Various courses like Applied GIS Based Geographical Analysis, Advanced topics of remote Sensing, Geoinformatics for Disaster Management, Object - Oriented Programming and Principles of Numerical Simulations and Modelling in Geosciences provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical and practical concept of GIS, remote sensing, programming and analysis.

I consider myself self-motivated to gain new knowledge, and thus able to resolve the problems that I may face. My strongest qualifications:

Right now I wish to be integrated into a stable working environment and gain experience while working in my field of expertise. My willingness to learn and strong motivation to evolve myself will make me valuable to any organization. Please feel free to contact me, preferably by email found at the Contact page.

Kind Regards,